As the exclusive distributor of Spinal Elements products on the eastern seaboard of FL, we offer a wide range of traditional spine products along with many innovative spine technologies.


OmegaLIF™ Expandable Lumbar Interbody Device

  • Features:
    • Implant grade Titanium ELI construction
    • Expansion up to 3mm and a self-locking expansion mechanism
    • Bullet-nose design
    • Cannulated proprietary “over the wire” delivery
Overwatch MIS

Overwatch™ MIS Thoracolumbar Fixation System

  • Designed to powerfully correct and stabilize the posterior thoracolumbosacral spine
  • 5mm titanium rod based system
    • Multi-axial pedicle screws,
    • Fixed and adjustable crosslinks
    • Variety of rod connectors and hooks
  • Multi-axial pedicle screws
    • Standard or reduction tulip heads,
    • Self-tapping dual-lead and DualFix™ thread options
    • Cannulated or non-cannulated
    • 5mm to 10.5mm in diameter
Vertu Cervical Stand-Alone Implant

Vertu® Standalone No-Profile ACDF

  • Controlled Implant Placement
  • Advanced Locking Screw Technology
  • Multiple Footprint Options for Maximum Stability
  • Balanced Lag Screw Design for Graft Compression
  • Adjacent Construct Compatibility
Magnum+ Lumbar Stand-Alone Implant - Copy

Lumbar: Magnum+® Stand-Alone, No Profile ALIF with Ti-Bond® Titanium Porous Coating

Advanced Locking ALIF System   +

  • Locking screws
  • Lag Compression
  • Controlled delivery
  • Mechanical stability

Titanium Porous Coating

  • Immediate Stability
  • Loadsharing
  • Radiolucent
  • Increased Surface Topography

Biologics: Orios® Bone Matrix

  • A viable allogeneic bone scaffold that includes the 3 essential elements of bone formation
  • Developed and processed by UMTB: From recovery through freezing and storage, all processing steps for Orios® are designed to assure a consistently high concentration of viable bone marrow components.
  • Orios features:
  • Novel DMSO-free cryoprotectant
  • Naturally immune-privileged cells
  • Post-thaw working time of 4 hours without loss of cell viability

or functionality

  • 3 different compositions with distinct graft packing and handling



Interventional: Vertebrex – Inflatable Bone Expander System

  • Unilateral & bilateral kits
  • Designed to help restore sagittal alignment
  • Designed for use with PMMA bone cements
  • Small cannula for comfort
  • High tolerance balloon pressure of 800 psi
  • Balloon sizes of 10, 15 and 20mm
  • Optional 8 gauge directional balloon

Pain Management: Provenda® Injectable micronized amniotic membrane

  • Bioactive tissue matrix composed of human amnion/chorion
  • Intended for homologous use to modulate inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing
  • Comprised of extracellular matrix components that include structural proteins, specialized proteins and proteoglycans; and a host of naturally occurring growth factors, cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors
  • Natural immune-privileged characteristics
Provenda Injectable